Review of the Liquor Control Act 1988

Racing and Gaming Minister Terry Waldron announced in 2012 a review of the Liquor Control Act 1988.

The Minister said there had been particular interest from members of the Parliament and stakeholders in the application of the public interest test to liquor licensing matters.

The Minister appointed Mr John Atkins to chair the committee to review the Act with Mr Ian Stanley and Ms Nicole Roocke as members of the committee.

The committee is currently reviewing and considering matters relevant to the operation and effectiveness of the Act, having regard to the changing community needs and attitudes relating to the accessibility of liquor and related services. In this regard, the committee has received a number of submissions from various parties.

At the request of the committee, the Department is making available to the public those submissions whose authors have given permission to do so. Click here for submissions consented to by respective authors to be made available.

The committee is expected to report to the Minister later this year.

Click here for a full copy of the terms of reference of the review.

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