Learner's Permit Accepted as Proof of Age Identification

On 20 April 2013 regulations came into effect that allow the Australian Learner’s Permit Card to be used as a form of proof of age under the Liquor Control Act.

The regulations relate to the new Learner's Permit Card that has a photograph of the holder, and is issued by the Department of Transport.

The new learner’s permit card features include:

  • a photograph of the card holder;
  • a unique serial number on each licence;
  •  printing over a clear panel;
  • holder’s date of birth embossed under the photograph; and
  • a holographic overlay of the State Coat of Arms.

On 20 April 2013, the Liquor Control Amendment Regulations (No. 3) 2013 came into effect.
The amendment prescribes the Australian Learner Driver Permit as a form of identification
that can be produced as evidence of age where an authorised person believes that a person
on licensed/regulated premises is a juvenile.

Other documents that can be used as evidence of a person’s age are:

  • current Australian driver’s licence with a photograph;
  • a current passport; and
  • a proof of age card. 

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