Free Drinking Water

Where liquor is sold and supplied for consumption on the premises, all licensees are required to provide potable drinking water for patrons to consume on the premises free of charge during trading hours.

In order to comply with the minimum requirement, venues are able to choose to provide water:

  • from a water jug at bar service areas;
  • by way of water coolers/fountains located at bar areas and throughout the venue;
  • by some other form of water dispenser.

Water must be clean and refreshed regularly. Warm or hot water will not be considered compliant with this condition nor will the use of hand basins taps in toilet facilities be considered as compliant with this condition.

Failure to provide free drinking water at a Licensed venue
Offender Penalty ($)
Licensee 10,000
Approved Manager 4,000

The Director's Provision of Free Drinking Water Policy is available here.

Last updated: 21/05/2015 21:18:59 PM

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