Frequently Asked Questions - Approval of Managers at Licensed Premises

Who needs to apply for approval to be a manager?

The licensee needs to appoint an individual to supervise and manage the licensed premises at all times when business is conducted as those premises. For those licences where there is only one licensee and the licensee is a natural person, that person may personally supervise and manage the licensed premises as if he/she were an approved unrestricted manager. Otherwise, you must apply for approval to work as a manager at any licensed premises.

Completion of the training course for Approved Managers does not mean that you are approved as a manager; it simply means that you meet the training requirements to lodge the application for approval.

The table below shows the relevant category of manager’s approval which will be required for each licence type:

Restriction Required Training Licence Type
Unrestricted Course in Liquor Licensing All types of licensed premises
Restricted Responsible Service of Alcohol Club, Club Restricted and Occasional Licences

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What are the training requirements for managers?

In order to apply for approval as a manager you must have successfully completed the required training. Approval as an unrestricted manager requires the applicant to attain competency in either the Course in Management of Licensed Premises or the former Course of Liquor Licensing, while restricted managers must attain competency in a nationally accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol course.

The Course in Management of Licensed Premises for unrestricted managers has the following course code:

  • Course in Management of Licensed Premises (52735WA)

The Course of Liquor Licensing for unrestricted managers has the following course codes:

  • Course in Management of Licensed Premises (52473WA:MLP1)
  • Course in Liquor Licensing (52065)
  • Short Course in Liquor Licensing (51544)
  • Course in Liquor Licensing (51136)

The nationally accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol course has the following course codes:

  • Provide responsible service of alcohol (SITHFAB201)
  • Provide responsible service of alcohol (SITHFAB009A)
  • Provide responsible service of alcohol (THHBFB09A)
  • Provide responsible service of alcohol (THHBFB09B)

Click on the following link to see a list of training providers that supply the training courses

When you are filling out the application form you will be given the option to upload an electronic copy of your training or take a paper copy to the Post Office when you lodge the application and have your photo taken.

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When attempting to lodge at the post office my application was not accepted because:

a) my application form has expired;
The application summary document generated at the end of the online process needs to be printed and lodged within a 2 month period. If your form has expired you need to complete the application for approval of manager again to get an active application summary.

b) I had printed the wrong form;
As long as the application for approval of manager has been successfully completed you can reprint the application summary from your account. The application summary is a 2 page document, with the second page having an Australia Post logo and a barcode on it.

To print your application summary:

  • Login to your account
  • Select the ‘My Account’ tab
  • Select ‘Applications in Progress’
  • Select ‘+’ sign alongside the application reference  A000******* to expand
  • Select ‘View detail’
  • Select ‘+’ Documents to view listed documents
  • Select RGL_Approved_Manager_Application document to view
  • Print a copy of the displayed document using either the print icon or by exporting the document to PDF and printing a copy.

If there is no application shown in the list of applications you need to begin the approval of manager application. Please read the Approved Manager Lodgement Guide for more information.

c) My personal details did not match my ID.

Ring the Department’s Ebusiness Officer on (08) 6551 4999

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What documents will be required for lodgement?

The following documents will be required for the initial approval under the new manager framework being implemented:

  • A copy of a valid training certificate.
    [ ! ] Please note that if you have lost your certificate you will need to seek a replacement from the training provider.
  • A copy of a National Police Clearance certificate not older than 3 months, obtained from an approved provider (such as Australia Post) listed on             
  • Any further documents required will be specified in the online application form.

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What form of Proof of Identity documents need to be taken to the post office?

You must present one original Primary Identification document from the following list. If you produce a document listed from 1 to 4, no further identification is required. If you are only able to provide a document listed from 5 to 8, you will be required to also provide a Secondary Identification document.

Primary Identification Documents

  • Australian Drivers Licence or Learners permit (current)
  • Australian Passport (current or expired within the last 2 years)
  • International Passport (current)
  • Proof of Age Card/NSW Photo Card (current and government issued)
  • Centrelink Pension Card (current)
  • Australian Birth Certificate (not an extract)
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • Police Certificate (issued no more than 30 days ago)

Secondary Identification Documents

  • Utility bill less than 3 months old (Water, Gas, Electricity, Telephone or Council Rates Notice)
  • Taxation Notice or Centrelink Statement (less than 12 months old)

The details for your name and residential address entered into your online user account must match your Primary Identification document. If your details do not match your Identification document/s because you have legally changed your name you must also provide one of the following documents:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce papers
  • Change of Name certificate, deed poll papers or licence to change name documentation

If your personal details do not match your Identification documents and you have not provided evidence of change of name, your application will not be accepted.

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Please click the following link to see the current fees and charges

The application fee is set according to the type of application you are lodging – New application, Upgrade or Renewal.

All new applications must be paid for at the Post Office, renewal applications will be given the option to pay online.

Can a payment by credit card occur online for an approved manager application is this department able to accept any form of payment for this new system?

For New Approval of Manager Approval Applications, payment can only be made in person at Australia Post at the time of lodgement.

Applications for renewals, upgrades and replacement cards can be paid at the time of online lodgement.

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When paying at the post office, what forms of payment are acceptable?

Cash, EFTPOS, Cheques and VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

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When paying by cheque or money order at a post office, who is the payment made out to DRGL or Australia Post?

Cheques should be made out to Australia Post.

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How do I fill in the online form?

The lodgement guide for approval of manager contains information to assist new applicants with the navigation and completion of their application. Please click the link to view the lodgement guide or contact the Department on (08) 6551 4999 to speak with an E-Business Officer about the online system.

Approved Manager Lodgement Guide

[ ! ] Please note that when you open a link onto our website your browser may warn you that files from untrustworthy websites may be harmful to your computer.

If you click okay the file will open directly into a new browser window.

Alternatively you can access the above document by going to and Liquor > Applications > Approved Manager Lodgement Guide.

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When can I begin acting in the role of manager?

Once the application for a new approval has been paid for at the Post Office you will be issued a receipt. Keep this receipt as it is proof that you have lodged the application and may commence employment in the role of manager from the date the receipt is issued. This receipt should be presented at the request of authorised officers (i.e. Police Officers and Inspectors from Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor) until such time as the application has been determined.

If the application is approved, an Approved Manager ID card will be delivered to you via the postal address indicated on your user account. Notifications and correspondence from the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor regarding your application may be issued to your email address, so it is advisable to provide a current email address when creating your account.

[ ! ]Should your postal address, phone number or email address change please ensure that you update your user account details.

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How long will my approval last?

The approval of a manager lasts for a period of 5 years, and needs to be renewed prior to the expiry of the approval. An expiry date for the approval will be shown on your card.

A notification letter will be sent to the approved manager prior to the expiry of their approval to remind them to lodge a renewal application.

The onus is on the approved manager to maintain their contact details registered on their user account and lodge an application for renewal should they wish to continue employment as an approved manager.

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How do I upgrade from approved restricted manager to approved unrestricted manager?

In order to upgrade from an approved restricted manager to an approved unrestricted manager, you must first complete the Course in Liquor Licensing. Once you have the required training certificate, you may lodge an application to upgrade your approval category to unrestricted.

  • Once logged onto the RGL portal
  • Select My Account
  • Select Approvals
  • Select + to expand
  • Select ‘Approved Manager upgrade’

This will allow you to lodge an application to upgrade from a approved Restricted manager to an approved Unrestricted manager

Once lodged you may act as an unrestricted manager until the application to upgrade your approval has been determined.

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As a licensee do I need to lodge any documentation for new approved managers?

The licensee of a liquor licence does not need to lodge the application. However, it is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure that they have sufficient managers with the required approval for their licence type, to be present during all times the business is operating. This means that you can’t appoint a person as a manager unless they hold the required approval category. Please see the table below to see which category of manager will be required at your premises.

Licence Type Manager Category
Hotel/Hotel Restricted Unrestricted
Tavern/Tavern Restricted Unrestricted
Small Bar Unrestricted
Liquor Store Unrestricted
Restaurant Unrestricted
Nightclub Unrestricted
Special Facility Unrestricted
Wholesaler Unrestricted
Producer Unrestricted
Casino Unrestricted
Club/Club Restricted Restricted/Unrestricted

The application process and training requirements for approval of managers is the responsibility of the individual applying for the approval. The licensee is not required to cover the costs or oversee the lodgement on the applicant’s behalf.

The licensee will no longer be required to advise the licensing authority when an approved manager resigns or commences employment at the licensed premises.

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What documents will need to be displayed / produced relating to approved managers?

The licensee is required to display a list of all the approved managers on duty at that licensed premises. This can be displayed either on the signage by the entrance, or in a conspicuous location within the licensed premises.

Approved managers will no longer be required to be listed on the training register. However, regular bar staff engaged in the sale and supply of liquor will still need to comply with the requirements of the training register.

Approved managers will need to produce their approval card at the request of an authorised officer. If the approved manager does not have his approval card at that time he may bring his approval card into a police station for sighting by an authorised officer within 2 days.

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Can a licensee appoint temporary managers to cover the manager on leave?

The licensee has the ability to appoint an individual as a temporary manager when necessary (e.g. to cover for managers who are sick, on leave, resigned, etc).

The period of time that the licensee can utilise temporary managers cannot exceed 7 consecutive days or 7 days within a 28 day consecutive period.

If the licensee appoints an individual as a temporary manager, who intends to apply for approval as a manager, that person can work up to 7 days in a 28 day period before they must fully lodge the application.

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I have recently received an email from what appears to be your office. It states that in order to proceed with <application type> online that I need to provide personal identification, is this a legitimate email or am I being scammed?

The Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor will NEVER ask for your personal information in any emails. This is because once you have submitted your information via the electronic address system we store it on our databases. Also, if you have recently changed address or phone numbers you can amend this information on the approved manager home page via your log-in.

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I am about to create or manage my current online account with RGL. How can I tell that I am on a legitimate website or not?

The online log-in/registration page will always be at the website address:

Prior to logging in you should ensure that the URL has ‘https:’ before the Department’s website.

This ensures that your internet browser creates a secure connection with our government servers. Furthermore, when you create a new user a window will appear on your current web page, you will not be directed to another one. We also recommend that the only browser window that you have open is the current one when dealing with your online applications; this will stop any potential malicious code on other websites you may be on from obtaining your log-in details or information.

Please see below an example screenshot of the front page menu bar of our website:


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I have recently been told that I can obtain the Approved Manager Approval ID Card from a third party. Are these cards legitimate?

No. The only method that you can legitimately obtain an identification card for Approved Manager Approval is via our online process on

Any cards obtained in a different manner are fraudulent, which means if an authorized inspector or police officer requests to see your identification card and produce one you risk being fined on the spot.

The maximum penalty for this is a fine of $10,000 as per Section 100 of the Liquor Control Act 1988.

Please refer to the following image below as to what a genuine identification card looks like:


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